kathleen va italiana

my name is kathleen. i'll be spending the fall semester of my junior year in milano, italia with a program called ies. i don't speak italian, and i have no idea where i'm going or what's going to happen.

Two papers and one final down, three finals, some packing, and a farewell dinner to go.

Sometimes I amaze myself.  I woke up this morning, created an eight-page study guide for my Italian midterm, ate lunch, and completed my six-page paper.  I can now make a nice dinner and .. ready for it?  START PACKING.<3

Look at what I figured out.

  • Three days of class this week.
  • Seven days vacation to Dublin and London.
  • Two days of class next week.
  • Last weekend in Milan.
  • Three days of finals.
  • One day of packing.

The semester is almost over.  I’m starting to feel it, with the insane amounts of work I suddenly have.  Seriously, I have more work due in the next eighteen days than I’ve had the entire semester.

I’m working on a group project for Fashion - we have to take an Italian brand and find a way to successfully extend a new product line.  We’re working with Emilio Pucci and a possible home goods line.  I think it’s pretty cool, actually.  Especially since the entire business aspect of this class bores me, the fact that I literally get to create pieces for an Emilio Pucci line makes it so much better.

For our Conversation final exam, we have to act something out in groups.  My group has decided to do a Disney princess Christmas! I’m the Little Mermaid, because apparently people think I’m a redhead.  Anyway, we’re not exactly sure what we’re going to do, but we should definitely get started on a plot and/or script ASAP!

I have to write a research paper for Communication.  It shouldn’t be too bad because I can write about any part of Italian media.  Considering the fashion industry is so huge here, I’ll probably end up writing about advertising in the fashion industry.  It’s a topic I find pretty interesting, so I’m not worried.

I’m done with my project for Italian - we had an oral exam.  I was randomly assigned the topic of fashion to talk about, so that was easy peasy.  I actually enjoyed answering questions more than actually presenting because I got to speak off the cuff, rather than just reciting what I’d memorized.

I go home in eighteen days!  I just have to get through all this work, and I’m home free.  Everyone here is getting antsy to go home, so I’m feeling much better about wanting to leave.  There’s so much to look forward to!  Christmas is in 26 days!

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